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w Life at NOCL

Life at NOCL

At Nagarjuna, we continuously strive to transform the business environment we operate in. We also aim to create an environment where work becomes an enjoyable experience, so as to align individual goals with organizational goals, share knowledge and information, be pro-active and responsible, pursue excellence and be committed so as to transform the society around us.

As NOCL, we believe that our Associates shall always:

  • Be humane
  • Be cordial and pleasant
  • Be honest and equitable
  • Be giving and forgiving
  • Be positive

We constantly strive to celebrate the spirit of togetherness, often creating opportunities for our associates to come together, and participate in various cultural and sporting events. This, we believe helps us embrace the Nagarjuna Group’s belief in staying together and working together as one family.

Learning at NOCL:

NOCL has its own Learning Centre – Vidhya Peeth, which has been envisaged to create and nurture an environment of a learning organization. Vidhya Peeth has undertaken the journey of continuous learning with one mission - to enable associates reach higher levels of competency, and also to develop and upgrade their knowledge and skills.

The training programs are conducted through in-house trainers, experts at NOCL, technology providers, and guest speakers. NOCL believes that the true wealth resides in knowledge, experience, and professional skills of associates, which gives us that competitive edge in the market. Therefore, we constantly endeavor to increase our intellectual capital, by creating and nurturing an open learning environment. Knowledge-sharing sessions are actively encouraged, and our training is learner-centered. Our Training Programs are designed on adult-learning principles after careful analysis of individual training needs.

NOCL is committed to creating awareness about Safety at work. Safety and other compliance training are conducted regularly to help associates and workers understand and embrace proper safety procedures.